If you vape your concentrates you want to know which vape pen is best for dabs. The answer is not that easy as we all are looking for different things from our cbd terpins or dabs. Some are looking for flavor intensity of your wax, others just want the most powerful hits from their vaporizer…so the only way to tell which dab vape pen is the best – is by comparing top of the line wax vape pens

Best Vape Pen for Dabs

Which vape pen is best for dabs delivering biggest hit?

No doubt – The HoneyStick Ripper. 2 in 1 vape kit with 2 separate tanks for oils & wax. Wax atomizer has Dual Quartz ceramic heater combined with 1300 mAh and sub-ohm resistance will hit you like a Rock!

Which vape pen to choose for full-flavor of my dabs?

Prepare yourself for the purest most flavor-filled concentrates experience that is available out of pocket-sized vape unit when you pick up a Plasma GQ by HoneyStick. This revolutionary vape pen design for concentrates will bring you the taste and purity of a tabletop Rig. This is the only pen design where the concentrates DO NOT come in contact with the heating element

Worth reading reviews of CBD vape products

Check out CBD vape reviews of best wax pens and oil vape pens just build to vape CBD. Depending on your preference of vaping, Oil, Wax, Flower or Dabs – whatever your choice may be, they will have the best vape product options available on the market!