User Friendly Vape Pen Characteristics

There are several varieties of oil pens on the market. CBD and medicinal marijuana oils have their own specific pods or pens for vaping (which can come in an oil or a concentrate form). It’s important to note that each vaporizer product is tailored to the kind of substance you’re using. In order to meet the needs of different extracts, such as cannabis oil or nicotine e-liquids, different kinds of vape batteries are used in various types of vaping cartridges and atomizers.

Small Vapes

Stick batteries may not be an option for certain users because they are excessively tall or protrude too far from the body. Compact flip small vape units, which resemble a key fob, are another popular option for oil and dab vape cartridges. Aside from being small vape concealers, the BeeBox PRO and AeroBee 510 digital cartridge batteries, sold by by HoneyStick, provide battery information and temperature management. The Phantom Signature, a two-in-one wax and oil battery, is a more opulent choice that contains 2-3 times the battery capacity and offers a contemporary style.

The Type and Purpose of Your Vape Pen

For instance, before choosing a vape pen you need to determine what you will be using the device for. In certain circumstances, the pen could be better suited for dried herb, concentrates, vape oils etc.

Vape Shops known to sell the most popular vapes

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