Hemp and CBD Eliquid Merchant Account Services

Although CBD eLiquid is legal throughout the whole of the USA, there are still many obstacles for those who intend to run a legal, transparent and honest business from selling it and are in need of CBD merchant account or card payment processing for CBD or Hemp related business.

Those who are involved in the E-liquid business are fully aware of the benefits of eLiquid or vape juice – primarily that they give you a completely natural electronic liquid to use with an ecigarette or vaporizer. For a lot of people, however, the world of hemp and CBD oil is unknown and is still seen as teetering on the edge of what is legal and that includes most of merchant account providers. Because of this, most financial institutions will label as a ‘high risk’ the hemo or CBD eLiquid merchants.

‘High Risk’ Merchant Account Providers

A ‘high risk’ industry is usually one which either is seen as being unstable from a financial point of view, or having a not so good reputation as an industry. Unfortunately, the hemp and E-liquid world falls under both of these categories. As it is still a relatively new industry, we still don’t know its potential and we don’t have much official historical information to be able to accurately predict it. And coupled with the fact that the reputation in general of the hemp and CBD Oil isn’t great, CBD concentrates or oils merchants are usually placed in the ‘high risk’ category by financial institutions.

Being a ‘high risk’ business means that you will all too often get used to being told ‘no’. And one big problem is if you are not allowed to open a merchant account for CBD oil, concentrate or vape business. It means that it is much more difficult for these businesses to process payments by credit card for example.

Let’s face it, most CBD eLiquid businesses are run by relatively young, forward thinking people, and generally online. Therefore, the prospect of not being able to process a simple credit card payment is almost unthinkable. Whilst there are ways around this, it usually involves being underhand in some sort of way, or paying huge costs. Not what you want to be doing to run your business legally, honestly, transparently and making a profit too!

High Risk Merchant Service company can help you to run your CBD oil business as it should be whilst giving you the opportunity to grow it as with any other business. It means that you can process payments safely and securely, keep within laws and regulations and scale your business in line with its natural growth. Call them at 1(877) 996-2795 and get approved for CBD Merchant Services in minutes!