e-Liquid is the liquid that gives your ecig its flavor, vapor, throat hit and most importantly its nicotine kick. When you inhale an ecigarette, the atomizer or heating element heats this very e-Liquid to give you a vapor puff. While most manufacturers offer pre-filled with e-Liquid cartomizers or cartridges, there are many that give you the freedom to fill your own cartridges by separately offering e-Liquid bottles for sale.

Also known as eJuice, the e-Liquid essentially contains water, flavor, nicotine as well as VG Vegetable Glycerin and/or PG Propylene Glycol type liquid. The kind of e-Liquid you choose plays an important role in determining your overall ecigarette experience. The most common flavors that are available in e-Liquid include the tobacco, menthol, green apple, camel, Turkish, cherry and vanilla.

e-Liquid is not only available in a variety of flavors, but also varying nicotine strengths. Most e Cigarette brands offer e-Liquid fills beginning with the no nicotine or 0 mg variety going on to the low (8 mg), med (11 mg), high (16 mg), extra high (24 mg) and finally the super high (36 mg) variety. Some of the most popular brands that offer these varieties include VEPPO, Smoking Everywhere, Gamucci, NJoy and SS Choice No 7. These manufacturers offer e-Liquid bottles that range from 10 ml to 30 ml to be able to easily fit with any standard e Cigarette.

While an 80/20 e-Liquid ratio of PG to VG has been endorsed by most users, you may try different ratios of e-Liquid till you arrive at the one that makes your e smoking experience the most satisfactory. Most users have claimed that a higher PG content in the e-Liquid makes it hit the throat harder and give less vapor, while a higher VG content in e-Liquid is lighter on the throat along with giving off lots of vapor. While PG is slightly sweet and colorless, VG tends to be sweeter and thicker.

Buying e-Liquid separately proves to be an economical option as it eliminates the need to keep spending on comparatively expensive e cigarette cartomizers. Since most e-Liquid solutions are compatible with all ecig brands, you can enjoy your favorite flavor and nicotine strength of your e-Liquid irrespective of the e Cigarette you smoke.

To refill your ecigarette with e-Liquid, remove the empty cartridge and place 3-5 drops of the e-Liquid solution into it. Add one drop of the e-Liquid solution onto the atomizer as well. Screw on the refilled cartridge onto the e Cigarette and it is ready for your next e smoking session. Since the drop spouts are highly precise, they offer a no mess solution to regular droppers and help make your e smoking experience as convenient as possible. A standard 30 ml e-Liquid bottle is known to last about 60 e cigarette cartridge refills making it a highly economical option.

Keep in mind that most of ecigarette brands do not offer e-Liquid so it may be a good idea to search just for e-Liquid separately.