Ecig starter kitsAn Ecigarette starter kit is the most convenient way to begin your vaping experience. This kit contains all the essentials you could ever need for the complete vaping experience. A typical Ecigarette starter kit includes an ecig, atomizer, batteries (rechargeable or otherwise), a charger and a set of cartridges or cartomizers pre-filled with e-Liquid, eliminating your need to keep track of all the parts.

A two parts ecigarette starter kits generally includes a battery, its charger, a set of cartomizers (pre-filled with e-Liquid) and the case. The three parts ecigarette starter kits usually comes with two atomizers, rechargeable batteries, a charger and a set of refill cartridges (pre-filled with e-Liquid). Some brands also offer separate bottles of e-Liquid and additional cartridges so that you can continue your smokeless and odorless e smoking experience for an extended period of time without having to bother with frequent refills or buys.

All ecig brands offer starter kits with prefilled with e-Liquid cartridges or cartomizers that has the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice. Besides the default tobacco flavor, ecigarette starter kits can be ordered with cartridges pre-filled with e-Liquid in variety of flavors such as green apple, menthol, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, Turkish, Camel-like and even Marlboro-like. The nicotine strength can be chosen to be anywhere from no nicotine or 0 mg to 6 mg, 12 mg, 16 mg, 24 mg and 36 mg.

The ecigarette starter kit also makes for the perfect gift for those of your acquaintances who smoke. If you plan to introduce your smoking buddies to the benefits of smokeless and hassle free ecigs, the starter kit can be an ideal introduction. The fact that these kits are available in a variety of e-Liquid flavors and cool skins, they can complement your acquaintances’ personality while introducing them to the world of anytime, anywhere smoking. The variety includes leather kits, elegant gold kits, classic kits, pocket-size kits and travel kits that are inclusive of the charger in a cigarette carton-like box. These themed boxes and luxury cases available along with the starter kit also make them ideal gifts for smokers on formal occasions or corporate events.

Since most ecigarette starter kits also come with a replacement guarantee, you do not have to worry about getting stuck with a faulty ecig and can exchange them right away. Most ecigarette manufacturers also offer special holiday discounts and seasonal sales on starter kits helping you introduce your acquaintances to a smoking experience that reduces the hazards of passive smoking as well as the impact on the environment.