As the Ecigarette emerges to be a convenient and comparatively healthier way of smoking, Ecigarette brands have ensured that you have access to all the tools and equipment that can help make your e smoking experience most enjoyable. There is quite a variety of Ecigarettes and complementary accessories in the market to help completely customize your e smoking experience.

2 and 3 part Ecigarettes


There are basically three variations of the Ecigarette. The first being the three part Ecigarette, which comprises of a refill cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The second is the two part Ecigarette, which consists of a battery and a cartomizer. A cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge rolled into one. The third is the disposable Ecigarette that comes pre-charged, pre-filled with e-Liquid and ready to use.

Your choice of Ecigarette would depend on usage. While the disposable variety is most suited for occasional or casual smokers, the rechargeable variety is better for heavy smokers. The next choice between a three parts and a two parts Ecigarettes needs to be made with convenience in mind. For those who do not mind refilling the e cartridge each time the e-Liquid depletes should opt for the three parts, while those who would like to alternate between flavors frequently should use the replaceable and prefilled with e-liquid cartomizer in two parts Ecigarettes.



The e-Liquid is the powerhouse of the Ecigarette that stores its flavor and nicotine content. A variety of e-Liquid flavors and nicotine strengths are available in the market for the same. The most popular e-Liquid flavors include the tobacco, menthol, Camel-like, Marlboro-like, green apple, Turkish, cherry and vanilla. The nicotine strengths available range from the 0 mg-no nicotine e-Liquid to the 8 mg-low, 11 mg-medium, 16 mg-high, 24 mg-extra high and finally 36 mg-super high e-Liquid. Manufacturers also offer e-Liquid bottles that range from 10 ml to 30 ml and even 200 ml with precise drop spouts that eliminate the mess involved with refills.

Ecig starter kits


The Ecigarette starter kits are best for first time users. They incorporate all the essentials you would need for the complete e smoking experience. A typical Ecigarettes starter kit contains an Ecigarette, an atomizer, batteries, a charger and a set of cartridges or cartomizers filled with e-Liquid. Some brands also offer separate bottles of e-Liquid and additional cartridges to extend your e smoking experience without having to bother with frequent refills or buys. These starter kits are available in a variety of skins, compact sizes and stylish boxes.

Ecigarette accessories


With the range of Ecigarette accessories available you can not only customize your electronic cigarette experience, but also make it more convenient to use. The most common accessory, the charger comes in a variety of the universal car charger, USB port charger, special travel AC charger and Euro charger that is compliant with European standards.

Ecigarettes cases are highly customizable and can be given a makeover with the host of colors and skins available in the market. Manufacturers offer a variety of interesting Ecigarettes cases by default as well. Variations of the Ecigarette case include the hard case with a clip, the travel pouch, the pendant, the waist bag and the desk stand. You can give your e Cigarette’s body and cartridge a 360 image makeover to suit your personality as well by using the variety of colors and skins available for them.