Disposable Ecigarettes Disposable e-Cigarettes come fully charged and ready to use. They come pre-filled with the e-Liquid of your choice and enough battery life to last you about 375 puffs, which is equivalent to about 25 cigarettes. Some varieties of the disposable ecigarette are even known to last anywhere between 500 to 1000 puffs. The vaping experience offered by this ecigarette is the same as the rechargeable variety. It too is available in a variety of e-Liquid flavors including tobacco, menthol, vanilla, peach, green apple, strawberry and much more along with a range of nicotine strengths and offers you the convenience of throwing away the ecig pen once it runs out of battery or e-Liquid. It is most suited for those who smoke casually or are on the go most of the time. This ecigarette does not involve the hassle of recharging the batteries, carrying charging kits or even refilling the cartridge once the e-Liquid depletes. The disposable ecigarette thus makes for a practical choice for those who are looking forward to an evening out of town, impromptu business trip, outdoor adventure trips with limited or no access to plug points and even those who would not want to go through the hassle of managing entire kits or chargers. Due to the fact that as any other ecigarette only emits a vapor as opposed to harmful smoke, you can puff freely in almost any environment without the guilt of polluting or passing on the harsh effects of second hand smoke.

The ‘One-Time-Use’ ecigarette is also suitable for those who are trying the e smoking experience for the very first time. You can go on to try a variety of e-Liquid flavors and nicotine strengths before you finally zero in on the kind and brand that suits you best. This flexibility also makes the disposable ecig a cheaper alternative than investing in an entire kit of ecigs that do not work for you. Just like its rechargeable counterpart, the disposable ecigarette offers you the convenience of smoking anytime and anywhere.