Research on the best oil vape pens

Our objective is to research CBD oil vape pens on the market and find the best one. Ecigarette Types review team took the quest for finding best oil vape pen pretty seriously. First let’s break down and explain the term of what we’re looking for, because the term ‘best oil vape pen’ when “googled”  (we disregard the other search engines as their combined web searches in the US barely make 10% – go figure) Anyway, when you search for best oil vape pen search will return with all kind of vaporizers, vape mods, wax pens as well as dry herb pens and really just a few vape pens meant for oil.

Best CBD Oil Vape Pens

The “BEST” part – what makes an vape pen the best one?

Several factors of course, but mainly the price, power and of curse the look & feel. The goal is to find the perfect compromise between price, power, and quality. As life teaches us “you will get what you’re paying for” which usually means that cheap unit will most likely be constructed in, well cheap way, malfunctioning or performing very bad. But there is another truth to be aware and worth to know – the overpriced vape units can do exactly the same – perform poorly. Solution? See what others say about oil vape pen you’re interested in or better go with our recommended, tested and examined vape pens.

The “OIL VAPE” part meaning.

When you say oil vape pen – what do you mean by oil? Well, commonly used liquid for vaping is called e-liquid or e-juice. Usually containing some amount of nicotine or none at all, and some flavor compound. The liquid part is made out of VG Vegetable Glycerin and/or PG Propylene Glycol type liquid in various % ratio. Now, vape Oil, like in CBD oil vape pens, usually refers to cannabis THC or CBD extracts in the form of oils. Oily concentrates made out of cannabis plant. The thickness of the oil varies from almost solid, gelatine like concentrated oil to vape liquid with the consistency of typical e-liquid. The actual oil vape pen – for oils, should have a few functions like Variable Voltage and pre-heat functionality as the thick oils must be treated differently to typical e-liquid, to deliver a great flavor hits oil vaping users are looking for. We found here the best choices for an oil vape pen. The specialize in oil vaporizers Since 2011 and is known as an innovator in thick oil vape development.

Vape Pen for Wax what’s the difference?

Another type of pen-style vape is the vape pen for wax concentrates. The difference is usually within the vape cartridge. Wax atomizers (or wax vape tanks) have a completely different purpose, functionality, and construction to typical oil vape cartridge. There is an easily accessible heating bowl, usually ceramic with heating rods or ceramic/glass heating element. Wax pens are meant for nonliquid CBD or THC waxy concentrates. You will load your CBD wax with some sort of dab tool into the heating bowl of your tank, close it and fire your vape pen battery to initiate the vaporization of your concentrates. We found several great Wax vaporizer products on website in their Best Vape Pen for Wax section – worth reading!

Vape Pen in general – definition.

In our research, we are talking about a vape pen – vaporizer or vaping device which looks like a pen. (In the old days’ people use it to write stuff on something called paper – today we just text on the phone). Anyway, we are looking for the best vape pen, a cylindrical object usually made out of 2 parts – the vape pen battery and vape cartridge, with exception to disposable vape pens which are usually made out of one piece. The vape pen battery will usually be 510 threaded (common size of the thread for the most vaporizers), with push-button or buttonless action. The CBD oil vape pens typically use cartridges with 0.5ml to 1ml capacity, with a wick or ceramic heating element.