PainlessProcessing offers Business Funding to all merchants in need of cash advance financing for their business

The Business Funding is usually needed when a business needs money to purchase additional inventory for growing sales or invest in equipment to expend services or production. It also happens when there is great opportunity to benefit from but it requires more capital than readily available. Or, when a company has a high return on investment from a marketing initiative and additional funding would provide a critical boost to those sales.

Whatever your business needs funds for, quick cash for payroll, emergency financing or bridge loan for new inventory merchandise – start shopping around with PainlessProcessing group. The process is simple, super-fast, and absolutely hassle free especially for their existing merchant account holders because they are already pre-approved!

Painless Business Funding gives businesses the financing they need without having to go through the extensive and time-consuming process you would typically experience when trying to get the funds from a bank or corporate lending institution. There is no Collateral Required as opposite to ANY Bank Business Loan, they will provide very fast underwriting process to get funds for your business available for you as soon as possible and when needed (with typical bank merchant cash advance you may go out of business before bank will approve it).

This is not just typical merchant cash advance or business loan

Typical merchant cash advance financing lets you borrow capital in exchange for a portion of your business’ future sales. Painless Business Funding isn’t a collateralized loan, have much more flexible requirements, making the funds much easier to obtain. No credit check required, very flexible repayments, no spending regulations and no audits! This will let your business grow and increase your profit margins that much sooner. Call today (877)996-2795 to speak with the business funding expert about making your business great again!