Ecigarettes are an electronic devices offering their users an odorless and smokeless solution to smoking. The Ecigarettes, electronic cigarettes or vape pens provides you with inhaled doses of nicotine or a non-nicotine solution minus the smoke and combustion. An alternative to tobacco products, the Ecigarettes will offer you a physical sensation and flavor that is similar to regular cigarettes without making you smell like an ashtray or being a major hazard to the environment.

How are Ecigarettes made?

Ecigarette Parts

e-Cigs are relatively easier to operate than their conventional counterparts. The standard electronic cigarette comes with a microcomputer, a rechargeable battery, a heating element or atomizer, a cartridge / filter and electronic circuits that can work with most sockets. The two standard models available are the two part and the three part. While the two part comes with a disposable all-in-one atomized filter, the three part features a separate piece from the filter that stays with the battery for continuous reuse. While the two part offers a fresh smoking experience each time the filter is replaced, the three part only requires the replacement of the filter that contains the flavored nicotine solution.

Auto Draw & Manual EcigarettesAutomatic Ecigarettes and Manual Ecigarettes
The automatic type of the Ecigs uses a sensor mechanism to detect air flow that activates a heating element, which in turn vaporizes the flavored liquid solution to be inhaled. This means that you can now enjoy a cigarette sans the effort of looking for a match or lighter.

The manual type of the Ecigarettes uses a small button on the side that you press to activate the atomization process. It warms the vapor liquid to the perfect temperature to create a smooth, and very thick throat hit.

Ready to use with a nicotine as well as non-nicotine solution with a variety of flavors, the Ecig also features a manual model. In case of the manual model, you simply need to press a button to activate the heating element that will release the vapor. Models with an LED display at the end of the device are also available that indicate usage in the color of your choice.

A much healthier way of smoking, the electronic cigarette eliminates the bother of odor, tar, carcinogens and smoke making it a more social way of smoking. The e-Cigarettes are available in an elongated tube design as well as a pen-style that makes it convenient to hold.

Since most Ecigarettes products come with the facility of being reusable or disposable, they also prove to be a more economical alternative to smoking. And, for those who appreciate a variety of flavors, the Ecigarettes is available in two piece and three piece kits that let you alternate between your favorite flavors.