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Smoke 51 e Cigarette Reviews

Smoke Fifty-One is a great proponent of alternative e Cigarette smoking, with relatively less damage to one’s health and the same, if not better, smoking experience which is offered by conventional cigarette. Smoke 51 e Cigarette website has been recently re-designed and is impressively maneuverable, with easy to follow links and little clutter. Its older version gives a lot of options provided right on the home page, which might cause initially a little confusion for the viewer.  The e Cigarette FAQ page, in particular, provides great help for individuals who are not well intimated with the concept of electronic cigarettes.

Smoke Fifty-One provides both two-part e Cigarette (duo) and three-part e Cigarette (trio) and takes great pains to explain their features and differences in the aforementioned FAQ page. The TRIO e Cigarettes under Smoke Fifty-One are composed of a rechargeable, battery-operated heating element, an atomizer which converts the e-Liquid contents of the refill cartridge into vapor form. The two-part e Cigarettes (DUO) from Smoke 51 is composed of a rechargeable e Cigarette battery and a disposable pre-filled with e-Liquid cartridge called cartomizer, which is the main stay of the e Cigarette. e Cigarette cartomizers contains the e-Liquid, heating element and other essential elements. Smoke 51 offers some exclusive features on its e Cigarettes, which cannot be found elsewhere. Smoke 51 boasts of having their
e Cigarette battery longevity, with DUO e Cigarette having a battery life equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and TRIO e Cigarette having a battery life of 1 to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. One of the best feature about Smoke Fifty-One e Cigarettes is that, theoretically speaking, it can be smoked anywhere. This is because its e Cigarettes do not emit smoke like normal cigarettes, but release water vapor, which dissolves in a matter of seconds. So one need not worry about smoking in places which restrict smoking, as, technically, their e Cigarette isn’t discharging any smoke.

Smoke Fifty-One provides e Cigarettes in the regular cigarette look and size. Offered e Cigarettes can be dual or tri-based, in accordance with the user’s wishes. For people hesitant to take up full-time e Cigarette smoking, Smoke Fifty-One offers a choice alternative. It has incorporated disposable ‘to-go’ e Cigarettes as part of its product menu. These disposable e Cigarettes are cheap, one-time-only device to smoke anywhere, enabling the user to have up to 375 puffs. For those who want more to cigar smoking, Fifty-One has introduced the electronic disposable e-cigars, which offers the same great cigar taste with no odor. Additionally in e Cigarette Accessories section, there are lots of snazzy varieties of metal cases available in just about every color possible to suit your wildest fantasies. There’s also a nifty leather case which is synonymous with style and luxury as a carrier. Thus, Smoke Fifty-One provides a plethora of products to satiate the buyer’s need. The prices are arrayed from affordable to luxury, which can cater to every range of consumer economics.

Vapor Corp is the main designer and investor of the Smoke Fifty-One, EZ Smoker, Krave, Smoke Star and Green Puffer e Cigarettes brands. It has done full justice to the quality and marketability of the Fifty-One brand of e Cigarettes. Herein lies an easy and utility-packed alternative to smoking, which is independent of all the ingredients which are injurious to one’s health, offering a profitable way out from the dangers and discomforts that envelop conventional smoking. e Cigarette is one of the best solutions developed till now to rid yourself of that white, smoky horror that constantly stays between your fingers - Smoke Fifty-One is definitely here to stay.

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