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no7 e Cigarette Reviews

The No. 7 Premium e Cigarette website offers all the information necessary to order products online as well as through local retailers, since the brand has a presence in over 18 countries. The home page features the entire list of products along with their claim to fame, the No. 7 Stealth e Cigarette, which the brand is the first to produce for the US Military. You may choose to shop from their “top products” or “the new arrivals”. The “How it Works” section on the site details how the e Cigarette works and how smokers can benefit by opting for the e counterpart of the traditional cigarette while saving money. The “testimonials” section allows users to directly submit their comments, so that you get a direct account of the products.

The No. 7 Premium e Cigarettes brand offers a tremendous range; the e Cigarette starter kit itself is available in four different varieties: Square, Classic, Micro and Stealth. The Square is a recent addition and features a traditional cigarette carton-like personal charging case that has been included on customer demand. The Classic e Cigarette starter kit offers two refill cartridges that are equal to 20 traditional cigarettes each, batteries that last for up to 350 puffs per charge, two atomizers, five additional regular tobacco flavored cartridges and one AC wall charger with USB. The Micro starter kit features a compact version of the No. 7 e Cigarette and includes  refill cartridges that are equal to 10+ regular cigarettes along with batteries that last up to 275 puffs per charge. The cheapest starter kit from No. 7 begins at $39.95.

Though the brand previously housed only the three part e Cigarette, it recently introduced the two part e Cigarettes by making available a range of pre-filled with e-Liquid cartomizers. The brand has also made available a variety of disposable e Cigarettes that are available in flavors such as menthol, blueberry, apple and tobacco. The disposable e Cigarette from No. 7 Premium comes loaded with the equivalent of two packs of traditional cigarettes and lasts up to 500+ puffs. The brand offers 30 ml e-Liquid bottles in two strengths: high and none. The offered e-Liquid flavors on sale include apple, blueberry, chocolate, cigar, coffee, menthol, strawberry, tobacco and vanilla.

One of the unique offerings from the brand includes fancy e Cigarette accessories - the trendy e Cigarette Skinz. The Skinz can be used to revamp your e Cigarettes. The colors on offer include black, blue, green camo, grey camo, green, pink, purple, red and yellow. The e Cigarette accessories housed by the brand include e Cigarette cases in a variety of colors, micro atomizers, classic atomizers as well as personal charging cases. The refill cartridges and cartomizers from the e Cigarette brand come with high, medium, low and no nicotine levels with the choice of traditional tobacco or menthol. The batteries and chargers made available include the No. 7 USB charger, the USB car charger combo, rechargeable replacement batteries for each of the lines- Classic, Micro and Stealth as well as the wall charger combo.

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