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METRO by Nicotek e-Cigarette Reviews

The METRO e Cigarette website supports a minimalist appeal. As is noticeable on the website, METRO e Cigarettes are only sold online.

The website features an 'How It Works' section that lets you know how METRO Electronic Cigarette operate and answers basic questions such as how long does a e Cigarette Refill Cartridge or battery life last, etc. The “Specials” banner features the
e Cigarette Deals and specials currently offered by METRO.

The METRO line of e Cigarettes has been developed to be more stylish than its older counterpart line. In keeping with consumer demand METRO has come up with the new line making battery longer and giving it a extended life and durability. A basic three part e cigarette starter kit from METRO includes e Cigarette style device, a refill cartridge pack with 10 assorted pre-filled with e-Liquid cartridges, two 3.6V rechargeable lithium e Cigarette batteries and a 3.6V lithium battery charger. Since the starter kits begin at $49.95 they can be said to be in the fairly priced category as compared to the rest of the market. The starter kits from METRO come with a Mini Car Charger that makes it very convenient.

METRO offers a 12 month guarantee on their Electronic Cigarette products from the date of purchase. A few of its products also come with free shipping offers, the details of which are mentioned on the website. METRO only offers rechargeable e Cigarettes. Most users have appreciated the batteries on the Electronic Cigarettes from METRO due to their error-free and extended operation. METRO only offers three part e Cigarettes and the accessories necessary to go along with it. The most popular look of the METRO e Cigarette is the classic white battery with an orange pre-filled with e-Liquid cartridge that gives you the feel of smoking a traditional cigarette.

METRO offers four levels of nicotine concentration in e-Liquid: high, medium, low and zero.
The e-Liquid flavors on offer include tobacco and menthol. It also offers the usual e Cigarette Accessories - fare of USB, wall and auto chargers along with a leather carrying pouch, and black/brown hard leather carrying case. While NJoy products do cover the bare essentials when it comes to e Cigarettes, it is one brand that could use a little more variety.

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