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Green Smoke e Cigarette Reviews

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have been in the market since 2008 and since then it has grown immense in popularity among the crowd. Beginning with the website, Green Smoke offers clutter free navigation and bestows required information. Every page of the website is designed in a very crisp manner to help individuals to navigate through their areas of interest. Green Smoke community page is the best option one can ask for over a website about. This provides a social media platform for every individual to relate to users of the e Cigarette in the most entertaining manner. Options like shopping, FAQs, blogs, e Cigarette testimonials can be viewed with just a click of the mouse. The website is primarily designed to keep the user updated with the latest in the Green Smoke e Cigarette zone. Another very important and eye catching feature of the company is its regular contests and offers. Individuals have chances to win some amazing stuff, if registered with the website of Green Smoke e Cigarettes.

A basic Green Smoke e-Cigarette starter kit is priced at $139 and offers a package that includes one Short lithium ion rechargeable electronic cigarette with Tip Lights, Long lithium ion rechargeable e cigarettes with Tip Lights along with five pre-filled with e-Liquid cartomizers and USB home charger kit. The package includes user’s manual as well. The feel of a Green Smoke electronic cigarette is something that is beyond comparison. Its overall shape and texture closely resembles a traditional cigarette and gives an accurate feel of smoking.

The cartomizers have eight aromatic e-Liquid flavors as Tobacco, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Menthol, Apple, Strawberry and Tobacco. Just by looking at the variety of e-Liquid flavors one can attain a view that it is designed for the masses. The most important aspect of Green Smoke e-liquid is that it basically consists of water, nicotine, flavorings and propylene glycol. It gives an essence of smoking without smoke and cuts down the chances of passive smoking for your peer group. Each cartomizer of electronic cigarette has enough of e-Liquid to be equal to one pack of traditional cigarette. These cartomizers cut down the cost of smoking considerably comparative to traditional smoking. The battery of e cigarettes starts at a price of $ 49.95 and is offered in different varieties.

Additional features like 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping of order over $25 makes it one of the best places to shop for electronic cigarettes. Green smoke has so much to offer from its kitty. Apart from e-cigarettes it offers variety of e cigarette accessories - different types of chargers as home adapter, car adaptor for USB charger as well as standard USB charger for its e-cigarettes. The e cigarette accessories section is much more in terms of its deliverance; gold case, sparkle carrying case and other make this product more versatile and eye catchy. Green smoke offers a year warranty on its products.

With this new technology they no more have to worry about the ash tray and leaving behind cigarette butts. It is a must have for smokers as well as a classy entity to gift.

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