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E-Cig e Cigarette Reviews

E-Cigarette is a relatively new technology which is taking the world of smokers by storm. Until a few years ago, the term e-cigarette was unheard-of anywhere, but thanks to constantly advancing science and technology; it has now become available to the typical smoker at home. This technology has been pioneered and made available to you by E-Cig. The era of the e-cigarettes is finally underway and are we glad? Our company offers the public with the highest quality electronic cigarettes, with the latest gizmos attached and to add the cherry on the pie, the lowest possible prices. What more could you ask for?
The site navigation in the website may seem a little complicated at first with the wide gamut of choices and countless links, but if navigated through carefully, it can prove to be quite helpful. On the left are the links to the various products that E-Cig. manufactures. It also offers currency transfers in US Dollars, UK Pounds, Euros, Japanese Yuan, Chinese Yuan and Australian Dollars. Moving on, once you have ordered your shipment, there is an added joy in the benefit of free shipping and money-back guarantee. If you’re not impressed by either the taste or the quality of the product, just send it back, even if it is used, and they will replace it and send it to you within 30 days of the purchase.
E-Cig. offers a plethora of options for the e-smoker, with both 2-part and 3-part e-Cigarettes on the menu. The decision rests on the user whether he wants to consume the traditional (relatively speaking of course) 3-part e-Cigarette or go with the more convenient 2-part e-Cigarette.
Another product exclusive only to E-Cig. is the all-new E-Pack. A revolutionary technology, the E-Pack is comprised of the cartomizer, E-Cig battery and a mobile battery within the pack. When the E-Cig battery power is used up, simply plug it into the mobile battery inside the pack and your battery will be fully charged, thereby prolonging its lifespan. In turn, the mobile battery can be charged by the normal mobile charger used to charge your cell phones. Snazzy right? We sure think so.
The forte of E-Cig. lies in range. Away with the boring, old-school e-Cigarettes with the same dull colors and tastes. Now, one can choose the taste, color and quality of his/her e-Cigarette according to his/her own preferences. There are millions of choices to choose from so get picking.
One of the primary elements of e-cigarette is the e-liquid. Aptly known as smoke juice, it is the liquid fuel which provides the nicotine juice and flavoring. When it comes to e-liquid, flavoring plays a predominant role in our choices. Keeping that in mind, E-Cig. has offered 200 different kinds of flavors to satiate your fantasy. Additionally, each flavor has five elements with seven different nicotine densities, which makes almost 7,000 types of e-liquids available to you.
The accessories offered by E-Cig. include E-Liquid syringes, carrying cases for specific eCgarettes, cartridge skins, rubber tips, carrying tubes and pendants among others. The design of the e-cigarettes has been kept conventional but E-Cigarillo is a unique option that is offered.       
Last but definitely not the least, E-Cig. boasts of the lowest prices as compared to the going rates in the market. This facilitates a healthy and economic choice and drastically improves the parity of consumers being catered to. E-Cig. has heralded a new era in the history of e-smoking.

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