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Amerismoke e-cigarettes review

Amerismoke offers a patented two part design and a disposable atomizer in each cartridge. Its new range of cartridges, however, claims to offer a longer life than the regular e Cigarette. The nicotine strengths offered by the brand include none, low (6 mg), medium (11 mg) and high (16 mg). The flavors offered by Amerismoke include classic tobacco, coffee latte, chocolate crème, viva vanilla, green apple and strawberry sensation.

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blu e-cigarettes review

Blu Cigs offers two part Ecigarettes as well as the three part variety. Users have mostly appreciated the sleekness of design as well as the compactness of their Ecigarettes. Though this can be viewed as a warning as well, since the small Ecigarettes can be inconvenient for those with big hands. Users have also appreciated the ease of draw that the brand offers. The Blu Cig offers two variants: the black and the white.

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Cigarti e-cigarettes review

The most distinct feature of Ecigarettes from Cigarti is that any individual can customize the Ecigarette as per his taste. Individuals can choose uniquely designed cigarette skin available with the company. This option lets you smoke a cigarette with a signature style. Ecigarette carrying case is another interesting variety that Cigarti proffers. Individuals can choose from E-Cig velvet pouch, leather carrying cases and e- Cigarette carrying cases with built-in charger.

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e-cig e-cigarettes review

E-Cig offers a plethora of options for the e-smoker, with both 2-part and 3-part Ecigarettes on the menu. The decision rests on the user whether he wants to consume the traditional (relatively speaking of course) 3-part or go with the more convenient 2-part e-cigarette. The forte of E-Cig. lies in range. Away with the boring, old-school cigarettes with the same dull colors and tastes.

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Greensmoke e-cigarettes review

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have been in the market since 2008 and since then it has grown immense in popularity among the crowd. Beginning with the website, Green Smoke offers variety of electronic cigarettes as well as  different types of e-cigarette chargers. The accessory section is much more in terms of its deliverance; gold case, sparkle carrying case and other make Greensmoke products more versatile and eye catchy.

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METRO electronic cigarette review

NPRO - the new line of NJoy eCigarettes has been developed to be more stylish than its older counterpart the NCIG line. In keeping with consumer demand NJOY has come up with the NPRO line making it longer and giving it a variety of skins. A basic three part Ecigarette starter kit from NJOY includes an eCigarette style device, a cartridge pack with 10 assorted cartridges, two 3.6V rechargeable lithium batteries and a 3.6V lithium battery charger.

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No.7 e-cigarettes review

The No. 7 Premium Ecigarette brand offers a tremendous range; the starter kit itself is available in four different varieties: Square, Classic, Micro and Stealth. The Square is a recent addition and features a traditional cigarette carton-like personal charging case that has been included on customer demand. Though the brand previously housed only the three part e Cigarette, it recently introduced the two part by making available a range of cartomizers.

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Smoke 51 e-cigarettes review

Smoke Fifty-One provides both two-part (dual) and three-part (trio) e-cigarettes and takes great pains to explain their features and differences in the aforementioned FAQ page. The electronic cigarettes under Smoke Fifty-One are composed of a rechargeable, battery-operated heating element, an atomizer which converts the contents of the cartridge into vapor form and a replaceable cartridge, which is the main stay of the e-cigarette, and contains the nicotine and other essential elements.

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V2 Cigs e-cigarettes review

The V2 cigs website has clean design and is quite comprehensive, allowing you to browse through all areas with ease. The website features all the information you would need to order and use V2 Cigs and Ecigarette in general on a single page. All V2 electronic cigarettes and components come with LIFETIME WARANTY.

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Vaporking e-cigarettes review

The best part about Vapor King is its variety. Vapor King primarily offers three part Ecigarettes, which means they have a battery, cartridge and atomizer; however, they also house a variety of prefilled premium cartomizers at the lowest prices. For now, they only feature manual batteries that have an edge over their automatic counterparts as they allow you to control the amount of vapor you inhale.

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