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e Cigarette Accessories

To enhance your e smoking experience manufacturers offer a host of e Cigarette accessories. These accessories not only make your e smoking experience more convenient, but also let you customize and lend your e Cigarettes a personality. A majority of brands offer accessory bundles that include some of the most important components that will facilitate your e smoking experience.

e Cigarette Battery

The most common accessory and part of e Cigarette is the battery. The e Cigarette battery component is essentially the brain of the device.  Beside to just a power storage device - it contains a operating mode sensor, indicator light, and the lithium ion battery cell, all concealed within a ‘cigarette’ looking or custom color aluminum shell of e Cigarette battery.  Basically when you inhale, the operating mode sensor triggers the “smart chip” to turn on, which allows the lithium ion battery to begin releasing power and charge the atomizer or cartomizer.

Another common accessory is the charger. Manufacturers have introduced e Cigarette chargers keeping in mind the needs of office goers, travelers and those who spend most of their time at home. Brands not only offer universal car chargers and USB chargers that make charging on the go or in the office convenient, but also special travel AC chargers and Euro chargers that are compliant with European standards to support your long distance travel plans.

e Cigarette Cases

Just like regular cigarette cases, e Cigarette cases are available in a host of colors and shapes to complement the personality of the e smoker. e Cigarette cases are available in a variety of skins making them ideal gift for your smoking buddies. Variations of the e Cigarette case include the hard case with a clip that can easily be clipped onto your pocket like a pen; the travel pouch or pendant that can be hung around the neck; the waist bag that resembles the popular traveler’s waist bag; and the desk stand for the office or the study that resembles a pen stand.

Some brands offers a personal charging case that resembles a regular cigarette pack. It not only helps you carry 2 cartridges or 2 cartomizers and the battery at a time, but also charges 8 times the regular charger along with lasting a pack-a-day smoker one full week.

The e Cigarette’s battery as well as the cartridge too can be customized as stylish skins in a variety of colors are now available. The skins not only add a dash of color to your e Cigarette, but also help you customize it to suit your personality. And, since most of the skins are the do-it-yourself variety, you can change the skin according to your mood.

MiteyMag, a magnifying glass from No. 7, offers 4x magnifying power along with 10 Super Bright LEDs to help accurately and carefully refill your cartridge. The rugged magnifying glass can be stored anywhere and eliminates your need to fetch your reading glasses each time you need to refill.

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