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Cigarti e Cigarette Reviews

Cigarti is one of the premier online places for e cigarettes and its additional products. e Cigarettes provide you the liberty to smoke within the social group without caring about the aspects of bad breath and passing on the smoke to others.

It’s a noted fact that a website is the mirror image of any company. The website of Cigarti e Cigarette is designed in a very elegant and clutter free manner. It is one of the most user friendly designs that one can find over internet as extensive information is available on a single click of the mouse. The website behaves as one stop shop for all the concern and queries for e Cigarettes. It portrays distinct links for products, their benefits and comparison. FAQ and the buzz section of the webpage are other very intelligently designed topics that provide all the latest information about Cigarti e Cigarettes.

An Apple mini e Cigarette starter kit is priced at $34.99 and includes a Lithium Ion rechargeable Cigarti battery, USB charger Kit with USB adapter, Cigarti nicotine Cartridge - (cartomizer), User manual and Cigarti Membership Card. A black leather carrying case is also a part of the starter kit. The electronic cigarette starter kits of Cigarti are priced between the ranges of $34.99 to $89.99. If compared to other companies that offer the same products, the prices are relatively decent. The five pack cartomizers of electronic cigarette can be purchased at a low price of $13.75. The highest price tag under this category is $65.50. The flavors of e-liquid for the cartomizers are like an icing on the cake. Cigarti offers e-Liquid pre-filled cartomizers in flavors like apple, cherry, grape, lemon, mint, orange, tobacco, strawberry and vanilla. The distinct and versatile flavors make this product consumable for a large group with specific taste. The 7 cm e Cigarette battery is priced at $45.95 and is long lasting. The recharge time of their e Cigarettes battery is pretty low as compared to other similar products that are available in the market today.

Cigarti also offers mint disposable e Cigarettes. These disposable e Cigarettes are available in a pack of three and five and are priced at $35 and $49 respectively. These e Cigarettes are bit expensive but offer great convenience as these require no charging. They are the best for vacations and outdoor adventures.

The most distinct feature of e Cigarettes from Cigarti is that any individual can customize the e Cigarette as per his taste. Individuals can choose uniquely designed cigarette skin available with the company. This option lets you smoke a cigarette with a signature style. e Cigarette carrying case is another interesting variety that Cigarti proffers. Individuals can choose from E-Cig velvet pouch, leather carrying cases and e-Cigarette carrying cases with built-in charger. The price of this section starts at $3.65 and goes up to $39.99. USB car adaptor for e Cigarettes makes it a handy product while on the move as it fits in all kinds of vehicles.

e Cigarettes from Cigarti are a better way of smoking as it is smoke free and helps to protect the environment without putting any extra effort. 

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