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BLU e Cigarette Reviews

The first thing you would notice about a Blu e Cigarette is its impressive design, which is aptly mirrored by its website. The website for Blu e Cigarettes is quite comprehensive and allows you to browse through with ease. While most of the features and USPs of Blu Cigs are mentioned on the homepage, you can always click on the menu items for further information. The website features all the information you would need to order and use Blu Cigs e Cigarette on a single page. The page offers information on the toll free customer care number, e-mail addresses for inquiries, the 30-day money back guarantee, shipping, order status, 1 year warranty and FAQs that are further categorized under general, ordering, shipping, and product related questions.

The Blu Cigs e Cigarette website offers the option to create an account as it helps move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses online, view and track orders and much more. The “How It Works” page is brilliant for those who are either new to using e Cigarettes or simply need to check out information on certain aspects such as how to replace the batteries or cartridges as it also mentions tips. It also has a community poll for those of you who would like to voice their opinion on e Cigarettes or regular smoking issues. A regular Blu e Cigarette starter kit comes inclusive of a Blu pack to hold 5 cartridges that charges batteries on the go, two e Cigarette batteries, a wall charger and a USB charger, a 5-pack of pre-filled with e-Liquid cartomizers, as well as a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

Blu Cigs offers two part e Cigarettes as well as the three part variety. Users have mostly appreciated the sleekness of design as well as the compactness of their e Cigarettes. Though this can be viewed as a warning as well, since the small e Cigarettes can be inconvenient for those with big hands. Users have also appreciated the ease of draw that the brand offers. The Blu Cig offers two variants: the black and the white. Both the variants look very classy and feature a cool blue LED at their end, which also helps stay away from the fuss that traditional looking e Cigarettes can kick up in public places. Blu Cigs only offers the automatic variety and not the manual.

The e-Liquid flavors in cartomizers offered by Blu Cigs include cherry crush, magnificent menthol, java jolt and classic tobacco. Each e Cigarette cartomizer claims to offer 250 puffs. The nicotine strengths in e-Liquid include full flavored (16mg), light (12mg), ultra light (8mg) and the non-nicotine (0mg) varieties. Blu Cigs e Cigarette boasts of its e-Liquid being manufactured solely in the United States as opposed to its Chinese e Cigarettes counterparts.

As for e Cigarette accessories - the unique carrying cases made of durable recycled plastic from Blu have been designed to resemble typical cigarette packs and can recharge spare batteries as well as hold 5 cartridges at a time. The chargers can be bought separately as accessories from Blu Cigs. The choice would include 2 pronged wall chargers and USB chargers, besides the compact charger packs.

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