USB e-Cigarettes

by admin on March 27, 2011

USB e-cigarette is perfect for the office or home user that spends a lot of time working at a computer desk! Instead of our regular lithium ion battery, USB e Cigarette runs on power directly from the USB port on your computer and is not subject to battery degradation, so the vapor thickness stays consistent at all the time!

Green Smoke is offering USB e Cigarette with $50 price tag and 1 year warranty. High quality product but works only with computer USB port not with AC power adapter or car adapter.

V2 Cigs is offering the same type of USB e Cigarette for $29.95 with lifetime warranty. Their V2 POWER-CIG or V2 NOTEBOOK-CIG (compact design for notebook users) both works with all: computer USB port, wall power adapter and car adapter. Currently available only in manual design (you must press a button to activate the atomizer)

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