How important is your Vapor Cigarette Unit to your Vaping Experience

by chaka on October 25, 2013

Many people think it is all about the e-juice or liquid that determines your vaping experience. They feel as long as they have a good quality e-juice that is all they need and any E cigarette type or vaporizer can do the job of vaporizing the eliquid into a high quality and pleasurable experience. This is a very wrong frame of mind. Our experts will agree that there is no way to make bad (low quality) E-juice good but there are ways to ruin good or even all natural e-juice and that is by using the wrong vapor cigarette unit or one of low quality e cigarette types. You Ecig and vaporizer quality ultimately determine how that juice enters your body so it is not a good idea to go half way. The wrong Ecig or vaporizer that doesn’t have enough power or MaH to properly burn the E -juice can leave you with a Ejuice discharge in your mouth that has a horrible taste, bad enough to make someone want to quit vaping. Other vapor cigarette units don’t have replaceable or interchangeable heaters, so they can get worn after a while and not vape efficiently anymore. Some units are actually hard to clean so you could have built up reside or aftertaste when utilizing the unit. Some vapor cigarettes have no battery life and either require too frequent charging or they don’t have the proper power boost to vaporize your Ejuice. Many people think it is all about the Juice when in actuality the vaporizer or E cigarette type that is a key to the best vaping experience, and is the one that does the work. Look for a powerful, compact, cleanable and simply the best vapor cigarette unit, with a high capacity and quality tank, battery and atomizer. Make sure your battery is 300mah or higher so you can get the maximum experience from your vaping. Don’t get held back by subpar units that will limit your vape or turn you away from the healthier alternative to smoking. Take charge of your vaping by using a high quality unit along with your liquid as it is all about the experience.

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