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V2cigs e Cigarette Reviews

Pretty much all the featured e Cigarette product categories offered by V2 are mentioned straight on their website homepage with option to ‘click’ for more information, purchase or full description. The V2 cigs website has clean design and is quite comprehensive, allowing you to browse through all areas with ease. The website features all the information you would need to order and use V2 Cigs and e Cigarette in general on a single page. All V2 electronic cigarettes and it's components come with LIFETIME WARANTY and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

The V2 e Cigarette store offers the option to create an account as it helps move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses online, view and track orders and much more. The “What are V2 Electronic Cigarette” movie posted on homepage is a great way to explain and show all features of V2 cigs.

V2 Cigs is offering variety of e Cigarette Starter Kits. From Economy Starter Kit with $64.95 price tag and Standard Kit ($79.95) to Ultimate e Cigarette Starter Kit containing: 3 Batteries, 25 pre-filled with e-Liquid cartomizers with flavor and strength of your choice and all possible e Cigarettes Accessories like USB Charger, A/C Wall Adaptor, Car Charger, Carry Case, Charging Case, V2 Power-Cig – revolutionary USB e Cigarette. Ultimate Starter Kit is also coming with complete User Manual – all for $149.95!
They are offering two-part e Cigarettes made out of the battery and cartomizer. V2 Cigs
e Cigarette Cartomizers or Vapor Cartridges come in a variety of e-Liquid flavors and strengths.
e-Liquid flavors on V2 menu include: Red-Tobacco, Congress-Tobacco, Sahara-Tobacco, Menthol-Tobacco, Peppermint, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cherry. E-Liquid flavors in their cartomizers are available in four nicotine strengths: High (18mg), Medium (12mg), Low (6mg), and Zero (0mg). What is really unusual on V2 cartomizers offer is Blank cartomizer which do not contain any e-Liquid and is designed to be used up to 5 times with e-Liquid of your choice!
V2 e Cigarette Battery come in short (67mm) standard (79mm) and long (110mm) sizes as well as in automatic or manual option. Manual e Cigarette, as stated on the V2 Cigs website, can generate higher vapor thickness than the automatic version. V2 Cigs also stated that their long battery usage is good enough for 300 + pufs before charging! Prices for V2 e Cigarette Battery starts at $24.95 for long version and $29.95 for all other types.
V2 Cigs has all possible e Cigarette Accessories you may ever need in their store. Standard e Cigarette accessories like car charger, USB charger, metal Carry Cases even Portable Charging Case which not only allows you to carry your e Cigarette and cartomizers but also is charging your battery in the same time. Another useful e Cigarettes accessories offered by V2 are their variations of wall chargers. V2 Cigs have wall adapters suitable for any country. They offer US wall adapters, UK chargers and European standard wall chargers for their e Cigarettes.

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